Expert Opinion

Peritus Cognitio Providente - Delivering Expert knowledge

As experts in our field we are able to provide your company with expert advice and excellent service which is second to none.
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                        BS 7671:2008 + Amendments                        HTM 06-01                          BS 7671:2018                         BS 7671:2018+A2:2022
We use first rate industry software coupled with practical and informed experience forged over 30+ years in the industry from grass roots to decision and policy making level.
This level of connectivitity within the standards industry, coupled with our experience, allows us to challenge the 'norm'; look at new ideas and improve where necessary and head off problems of non compliance before they are constructed.
We have provided expert opinions on numerous matters to a variety of clients to avoid the need or prepare our client for legal action.
For an informal discussion in confidence please contact Paul Harris on 07851068379 or email